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An original trattoria amatriciana's Heritage

Touch the photos to see the transformation of the historic trattoria into Grotta Amatriciana ...

Postwar period The belle epoque

The Trattoria dates back to the most history; recent history of the country, the one that starts from the middle of the last century, from the legendary 1950s. The war had just ended and Rome was returning a great desire to live, to go out, have fun and eat well. It was Peppino il Padovano who first started the historic Trattoria Esedra right in the center, in the chaotic district of Termini station, recovering an ancient basement room where once the carriage horses of the nobles residing in the palace were made to dwell.

Two brothers From the 60s to the 80s

Meanwhile Peppino also continued to manage other lucky clubs in Rome, one in Piazza Cavour and the other in Ostia, in the well-known Kursaal bath. For this you leave & oacute; the management of the new restaurant in the hands of his brother Giovanni. The two brothers from Padua managed the restaurant for almost 30 years and only sold it in the late 1980s.
To keep the name of the Trattoria Esedra high it would arrive, in March '89, directly from city of Amatrice , Fernando who would soon open a new lucky chapter of this restaurant.

King of Amatrice The Amatrice's cuisine

In the spring of 1989 the local pass to Fernando, king of the kitchen and of the hosts of Amatrice , already known in Rome not only for its spaghetti in Amatrice's way but for all its regional cuisine.
Fernando converted the entire menu of the Trattoria Esedra to join Roman cousine with cousine from its origins, conquering with specialties of Amatrice many tourists from all over the world.
To inaugurate the new course, he could not have found a better name than Grotta Amatriciana , a refuge where Romans, tourists and pilgrims are reminded of the traditions of Roman cuisine otherwise forgotten.

Renovation Elegance and tradition

In the popular Roman tradition, all the taverns below street level were called Grotte or Grottini (Caves)... Sam knows it well and in 2010 he enters the Grotta Amatriciana and transforms it into an enchanting trattoria, traditional and refined at the same time. Sam was coming out from previous collaboration with classic restaurants and when he entered the first time in this locale, he understood immediately the charm of those walls. He found very worn furniture in this place and renews everything, starting from the walls to uncovering the bricks of this magnificent 19th century palace. Then he reprinted also the menu, making of traditional roman recipes his pride,from the classic first courses of pasta to the now very rare specialties of the Quinto Quarto (lett.fifth-quarter).